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Hanny Allston: The Trail Running Guidebook (Paperback) - Find Your Feet Australia

Hanny Allston: The Trail Running Guidebook (Paperback)

  Description “I have always known that I must share the knowledge I was fortunate to learn along my athletic journey. I hope that by writing this book I can pass forward the baton and help you to achieve your wildest dreams.” Hanny Allston The Find Your Feet Trail Running...
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“I have always known that I must share the knowledge I was fortunate to learn along my athletic journey. I hope that by writing this book I can pass forward the baton and help you to achieve your wildest dreams.” Hanny Allston

The Find Your Feet Trail Running Guidebook provides athletes of any ability a safe pathway of preparation to their chosen adventures. Hanny Allston’s personal coaching methodologies focus on sustainable, long-term health, training and performance successes.

The Trail Running Guidebook contains a snapshot of key lessons that Hanny has learned on her journey to becoming a world champion and elite trail running record holder. To help you find your feet in the sport of trail running she shares her theories on training & racing strategies, nutrition & hydration, equipment, how to avoid the common injuries, running technique, and psychology.

Unlike growth models where training builds and builds with little reprieve, Hanny’s unique model – Wave Training – allows athletes greater potential for recovery, self-reflection, and spontaneous playfulness.

Hanny has experienced the elation of success but also the pitfalls of striving too far for performance. It is from this honest place that she writes this book for you.

Hanny Allston is a world champion, elite Australian trail runner, and previous marathon and distance track athlete. She still holds numerous race records, from the marathon to ultramarathons. Hanny has a depth of academic and employment experiences working with athletes, both elite and recreational. She is also an award-winning businesswoman, who knows what it is like to live in the modern world and to juggle responsibilities. Hanny is the person to guide you on your own journey. She wants to help you to Be, Play and Perform Wilder – to help you find your feet. 

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    Reactions to The Trail Running Guidebook

    Darryl Griffiths, author & founder, Koda Sports Nutrition Australia: For every action there is a positive and/or negative reaction. This certainly rings true with Hanny’s philosophy of life and running. Hanny covers all areas of mind and body, with a sound understanding that we are all unique and there is no ‘one size fits all’. This book is the go-to for any level of runner from beginner to elite.

    Hannah Clark, elite Australian lightweight rower turned distance runner: I came to Hanny years ago with a simple request – to help me to train for a trail marathon in the Swiss Alps. I had no idea that out of this would come not just a fantastic athletic experience, but the beginning of a relationship that would truly change my life. At the time, on paper I was a successful athlete, having represented my country on the international stage. The reality, however, was an individual who was over-worked, over-stressed, and broken. Years of following punishing, prescriptive training plans meant that I had lost my athletic intuition, my joy in movement, and even my sense of self.

    Hanny’s training philosophy is worlds away from the accepted performance paradigm. Punishment is not the only way to achieve success. In fact, Hanny’s methods will enable you to see that through finding your sense of play and wonder, you can achieve greater things than you ever thought possible. This is the training philosophy for the real person – where the stress of work, family and general life is actually accounted for. Whatever your version of ‘success’ is – whether that be elite performance or simply to get moving in the mountains – Hanny will help you to achieve just that.

    I hope you will find, as I did, that the positive impact of playing, performing and being ‘wilder’ will extend far beyond just athletic performance. Hanny has truly helped me to find my feet – in sport, and in life. So set your sights on your next adventure, feel your toes start to tingle with excitement and anticipation, and head off in the direction of your goal. I think that out there on the trails you’ll find your feet – and even more.

    Erika Brann, athlete & working mother: Some people have the ability to make you believe you can conquer the world. Hanny is one of those people. Whether it is a short conversation, a mentoring session, or even reading her blog, you come away thinking, ‘Yes, I can! When can I start?’ Not only has Hanny helped me to achieve my running goals, more importantly she has given me the confidence to believe and trust in my own ability. She has empowered me to make smarter training decisions for myself and to realise that I am in the driver’s seat. I have found the Wave Training Theory easy to follow and manipulate into my busy life. And I long for those Mission weeks! Her nutrition advice has helped me summit volcanoes, mountains and many ultra-running events. I really have come to realise that running well is so much more than just a spreadsheet. I believe that with the help of all Hanny’s resources, including the podcasts tours and this guidebook, she has helped me to nurture my true self.

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    Hanny Allston: The Trail Running Guidebook (Paperback)
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