Sea To Summit Trek II Sleeping Bag (Unisex) -1°C

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Traditional comfort and value, with an anything but traditional design approach, the Trek™ Series sleeping bags are what we grab for globe-trotting adventures on a budget. Vertical baffles over the chest section ensure the down insulation cannot migrate or shift to the outside of the bag during sleep, creating cold spots. A side block baffle construction maintains the 60/40 fill ratio, keeping more down on the top of the bag for maximum insulation. Lightweight fabrics reduce weight and packed bulk while the two-way #5 YKK full length side zip and separate foot zip, allows the bag to open out completely and double as a quilt. The foot zip is perfect for extra ventilation or to provide freedom of movement for your feet. The 3D side-wall baffle ensures that down can loft to the very edge of the bag, maximising insulation, while the panelled hood draws in tight when needed or lies flat for use in warmer weather. The oversized zipper draft tube uses anti-snag materials to prevent the zipper catching and the soft-touch 20D lining fabric is highly breathable yet also down proof. Completing the thoughtful design features of this classic down bag, we have included a large internal security pocket, perfect for keeping valuables close or batteries warm.


  • Tapered rectangular for more space and comfort than a traditional mummy bag
  • RDS 650+ Loft ULTRA-DRY Down™ offers excellent insulation and compressibility
  • Lightweight fabrics for reduced weight and bulk
  • Vertical chest baffles prevent down migration and cold spots
  • Two-way #5 YKK side and separate foot zip allows bag to double as a quilt and provides extra ventilation options
  • Oversized zip draft tube with anti-snag materials
  • Large internal security pocket
  • 3D hood draws in tight when needed
  • Trek Tk1 has baffled top and stitch through base construction
  • Soft touch 20D lining fabric is lightweight and highly breathable, durable 30D Nylon shell
  • Includes Ultra-Sil™ Compression Bag for compact storage
  • This bag is designed to pair with another
      EN13537 TEMP RATING:
      COMFORT -1°C | 30°F
      LOWER LIMIT -8°C | 18°F
      EXTREME -25°C | -13°F

      225cm X 89cm


      LONG - MEDIUM (14L TO 4.5L)
      REGULAR - SMALL (10L TO 3.3L)

      LONG 560 grams
      REGULAR 500 grams

      LONG 162cm
      REGULAR 152cm

      LONG 157cm
      REGULAR 146cm

      LONG 1080 grams
      REGULAR 980grams

      Sea To Summit Trek II Sleeping Bag (Unisex) -1°C
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