Salomon Soft Cup 150mL

Size Guide

From FIND YOUR FEET:  This is a great option for anyone wanting to water-down their gels or make a highly concentrated solution of electrolytes.

Since the SOFT CUP SPEED 150ml/5oz goes with you to every race, make it follow the no-bounce rule! This one is soft so you can stow it in a pocket. Or use the loop and clip it for easy access.

Drying Time: Very Fast

Easy access

Use the loop to clip it for easy access.


Stashes easily in a pocket so it’s easy to grab.

PVC and Bisphenol-A free

A cup you can feel good about: PVC and Bisphenol-A free.

  • Can be folded and stored into your pocket. Reduces waste of plastic cup.
  • FDA approved polyurethane.
  • Used for specific properties: elasticity, comfort close to the back, transparency to see the water level inside, resistance to any liquid, taste free, PVC free, and no toxic substances. TPU is ideal for hydration bladders and tubes.

Dimensions: 10 x 15 L x W x D in cm
Volume: 0.15 litres
Weight: 12 g
Solution type: Soft cup
Body: 100% Thermoplastic Polyurethane

Salomon Soft Cup 150mL
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