Salomon S/LAB NSO Gloves (Unisex)

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The lightweight, breathable NSO PRO GLOVE provides warmth and protection to keep hands comfortable during high output activity in cold conditions. Stretch, breathable fleece stays in place and doesn't hold water. NSO technology helps radiate your body's own energy back into your hands, improving thermal regulation and endurance comfort.

Weight: 34g


Mineral fibre in the stretch fleece takes the edge off winter mornings, without excess warmth or bulk.


Close fitting and minimalist, this glove offers great feel and dexterity. And gripper on the palm ensures precise grip with poles.


Great for winter running, nordic skiing, or any cool to cold weather activity.

AdvancedSkin Warm

AdvancedSkin Warm technology regulates your body climate to keep you warm at all times. It reflects warmth back to your body, retains heat and keeps you comfortable.

Zargun Fleece

Ceramic particles embedded in fleece help thermoregulation. Zargun is ideal for endurance activities because it is never too warm.

Silicone grip

A grip made of silicone to ensures good adherence when you need to grab your poles, your keys when running, or anything on the lifts.

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