Biolite Sitelight XL

Size Guide
Daisy-Chainable Lighting in ultra packable form. Stackable and collapsible designs
to suit any outdoor environment.
  • Daisy-Chainable
  • Light your tent or entire site with scalable lighting,
  • Dimmable
  • Control brightness when connected to Power Light or Base Lantern,
  • Compact Design
  • Stackable and collapsible designs make each set ultra-portable,
  • USB Adapter Included
  • Power from any USB source using the adapter included with each SiteLight
WEIGHT: 92 g
DIMENSIONS: 145 X 40 X 115 mm
USB OUTPUT: Daisy-Chainable 2.5 mm connector
MAX LUMENS: 300 LM (in1light)

Biolite Sitelight XL
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