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This Ultra Trail Australia Guidebook has been prepared for you by Hanny Allston, 2016 Ultra Trail Australia 50km winner and record holder of the 6 Foot Track Ultra Marathon.

'Many people have told me that I should charge for these resources.  This is not in my values system.  Knowledge and education should be free.  All I ask is for athletes to believe in themselves and return or pass on the support in any way they can' 

Hanny Allston , founder of Find Your Feet

In preparation for the 2016 Ultra Trail Australia, 720 athletes from around Australia and South-East Asia downloaded Hanny's Ultra Trail Australia 100km, 50km and 22km Training Planners.  Of these athletes:

  • 62% of athletes exceeded their expectations in their chosen Ultra Trail Australia event
  • 25% very nearly achieved their goal at the Ultra Trail Australia competitions
  • 95% stated that they would recommend the Ultra Trail Australia Training Planners to another athlete

'There is nothing I can add to your training plans. I have nothing to fault. I'm just so happy with how you helped me achieve what I thought was an impossible time for me at this stage...' 

This FREE resource bank also includes a range of podcasts presented by Hanny Allston, Graham Hammond and other experts in the field.  From the 2016 athletes who used this resource:

'I have never been fitter than I was for this race. I couldn't believe that your program got me to a place where I could run so far beyond where I thought my limit was.'

'I don't think I could have prepared any better for this years race.'

And in 2016, 65% of athletes used other Find Your Feet services including our online store, expo at the Ultra Trail Australia events or visited us in Hobart.

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Ultra Trail Australia 50km Guidebook

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We guarantee that this FREE guidebook will have you ready and raring to go at the Ultra Trail Australia competition festival.  Enjoy the journey and we hope that we can support you in your ongoing trail running & travel adventures!


No. Week starting Training Focus Learn Mandatory Gear Suggestions Advice
1 Dec 5, 2016 Aerobic Training - Moderate Print & read online race info Vest Pack Space Blanket
Trail Shoes (Men's & Women's)
Trail Socks
Dry Bags
Investigate the best Vest Pack (most come with a whistle) & Trail shoes for your race day needs. A 3L - 7L vest pack should have ample space. Consider your ‘sock status’ too.
2 Dec 12, 2016 Aerobic Training - Hard Print & read mandatory gear requirements Ease into training gently. Don’t forget to practice walking in training. Where possible add walk into your daily routines ie. taking stairs at work.
3 Dec 19, 2016 Mission - 2hrs30mins Listen to ‘Base Training Principles’ Podcast Try your vest pack & trail shoes on your mission. Pack your phone & gear inside dry bags to protect them.
4 Dec 26, 2016 Aerobic Training - Moderate Last year achilles, plantar fasciitis & ITB issues were common amongst UTA runners. Consider a musculoskeletal screening by a physio & starting a basic strength & activation routine.
5 Jan 2, 2017 Aerobic Training - Hard Read ‘How much do I eat & drink’
Read ’Hydration for Endurance Performance’
Rain jacket Men's & Women's
Nutrition & Hydration
Blister Prevention
I believe weak glutes are common causes of most lower limb injuries. Try to prioritise core & gluteal strength routines in training. I aim for 10-15mins of strength & activation before my hard training days and 1 longer gym session each week.
6 Jan 9, 2017 Mission - 3hrs Listen to ‘Nutrition & Hydration’ Podcast As training increases recovery becomes even more important. Review your sleep & nutrition habits.
7 Jan 16, 2017 Aerobic Training - Moderate Complete a Sweat Rate Test Understanding your sweat rate can really help understand how much volume and thus nutrition & hydration your stomach can tolerate on race day.
8 Jan 23, 2017 Aerobic Training - Hard Read ‘The Overtraining Paradox’ Check in with yourself. Are you getting enough sleep, ‘down time’ and balance? There are still months till race day and it needs to remain ‘do’able’. Perhaps plan a mini running or active getaway to freshen up?
9 Jan 30, 2017 Mission - 3hrs30mins Listen to ‘Mandatory Gear’ Podcast Buff
Thermal Top (Men's Women's)
The missions have got longer. If you haven’t yet trialled any nutrition or hydration, you now need to start. Aim for some glucose-based nutrition at least every 45mins on this long run.
10 Feb 6, 2017 Aerobic Training - Moderate Redo your Sweat Rate Test Sweat rates change under different temperatures & humidities. Consider repeating your sweat rate test under different conditions to last time.
11 Feb 13, 2017 Aerobic Training - Hard Listen to ‘Mastering the Hills’ Podcast Try practicing some of the tips and tricks we have discussed in the Mastering Hills Podcast. Hills are about efficiency! The biggest secret comes back to small steps and a high cadence.
12 Feb 20, 2017 Mission - 4hrs Read ‘Training for Mountains without Hills’ Ensure that you are constantly monitoring your nutrition & hydration successes. This mission is critical for practicing a consistent & replicable strategy. Don’t forget to trial your breakfast too!
13 Feb 27, 2017 Hills - Moderate Read ‘Uphill & Downhill Running Technique’ Check in with your progress on the hills. Now that your strength is growing, consider adding many more stairs and downhills into your training where possible. The hills in the UTA22km are long and constant so try to practice some long, steady uphill climbs.
14 Mar 6, 2017 Hills - Hard Nutrition & Hydration
First Aid Kit (must include a bandage)
Now would be a good time to gather the rest of your mandatory gear together. Consider how you can prepare for either wet or hot conditions too.
15 Mar 13, 2017 Mission - 5hrs Practice, practice, practice. Complete this mission as if it were race day - from nutrition to gear. Don’t forget to also practice your hiking skills and long sustained uphills where possible.
16 Mar 20, 2017 Hills - Moderate This month is your chance to take the pressure off yourself a little. Perhaps add some different cross training or new running routes into your weekly routine. Keep it fresh & playful!
17 Mar 27, 2017 Hills - Hard I would strongly recommend booking a massage before the upcoming long mission. We don’t want to take any risks!
18 Apr 3, 2017 Mission - 6hrs (longest) Listen to ‘Race Day’ Podcast Check Trail Shoes
Check Socks
Practice, practice, practice. Complete this mission as if it were race day - from nutrition to gear. Don’t forget to also practice your mental focus & hiking skills if you still envisage some walking on race day.
19 Apr 10, 2017 Hills - Moderate Review the success of your longest mission. Is there anything you would change? How did your gear perform.
20 Apr 17, 2017 Hills - Hard Check the status of your shoes & socks. Do they have enough life in them for race day? Have they performed optimally? You still have time to wear in new ones if they are becoming tired.
21 Apr 24, 2017 Mission - 2hrs40mins Race Simulation Watch ‘Preparing to Race Optimally’ I like to get my head around race day long before it comes around. Start preparing your race day strategies, especially how you can optimise your mental strength.
22 May 1, 2017 Sharpening Listen to ‘Sharpening & Tapering’ Podcast Check Nutrition & Hydration
Checkpoint Bags
Ziplock Bags
Ensure that you have all your nutrition, hydration and mandatory gear requirements ready. Start easing back the training. You have done the majority of training. Now it is time to sharpen up. Be careful not to launch too quickly into the speedier training to avoid injury.
23 May 8, 2017 Sharpening Read ‘UTA100/50 Taper Week’ Your body has a lot of recovery to do now. Increase the quantity and quality of your sleep & nutrition. Many athletes reported getting sick at this time last year. Don’t join them!
24 May 15, 2017 Taper = UTA 50 Race Day Review race plan & course profile Chill out. You cannot get any fitter or faster. So rest, recoup and enjoy relaxing before the adventures ahead.
25 May 22, 2017 REST! Read ‘Orchestrate Your Own Recovery - Part 1’ Avoid trying to plan your next race or huge adventures this week. You will be filled with adrenalin but also tired, this could be a deadly combination. Plan smart, rest hard!
26 May 29, 2017 RELAX Read 'Orchestrate your own recovery - Part 2’ Start gently easing yourself into enjoyable active recovery. You should still be aiming for weeks of active recovery before you start considering the ‘what next?’