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Today, we sit down with Professor Paulo De Souza Jnr, an internationally recognised scientist who has recently discovered ultra running. This conversation is about being the absolute best that you can be, while at the same time not beating yourself up if you fail along the way. It’s about making mistakes but ensuring that you learn from them. Importantly, it’s also a conversation on what drives you. Paulo has a very strong sense of self and this conversation will find you questioning and contemplating what drives you.


  “Curiosity is the basis of everything I do but I transformed that, I think I changed that, and I give purpose to that. What drives me is purpose  


A quick, and very condensed, overview of Paulo’s life:

  • Grew up in the Amazon

  • Excelled in Judo and considered pursing it to an Olympic level

  • Studied his PhD in Germany

  • Worked for NASA

  • Now lives and works in Tasmania for CSIRO

  • ‘Bees with backpacks’ project

  • Discovered a love of ultra running and now finds a balance incorporating it with his researching career


      “Whatever you want to do – just go for it. But be mindful of what the consequences are of your choices."


      We hope you enjoy this conversation.


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      Watch the link below for a better understanding of the Bees with Backpacks project. 

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