• Mauritius as an Amateur

    Mauritius as an Amateur

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    In December 2013 I very excitedly picked up my brand new surfski, had a lesson, and was very quickly hooked!! I couldn’t tell you when I transitioned from a casual, once per week paddler, to now being what I am told, is an ‘amateur athlete’.  Or when my desire to ride horses, ride bikes or run countless kilometres in the bush changed and became a...
  • Mental, physical or emotional?

    Mental, physical or emotional?

    By Hanny Allston   How much of an endurance challenge is mental or physical? I have always been at a lost for an appropriate response and grabbing at random numbers. Seventy percent physical? Forty percent mental? Or should this be fifty-fifty? Or… Just days away from the my first 100km trail running event I can now respond with more conviction. Breaking down any endurance...
  • Holistic Health and Hormonal Harmony with Dr. Sally Chapman

    Holistic Health and Hormonal Harmony with Dr. Sally Chapman

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    Recently, we were lucky enough to score a recording date with director of Health Change and integrative medical practitioner, Dr Sally Chapman. We wanted to go deep below traditional medical paradigms to discuss her areas of expertise in holistic health and hormones. In today’s blog we condense Sally’s golden knowledge for you, but if you are left hungry for more, head over to our...
  • Finding My Femininity

    Finding My Femininity

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    By Hanny Allston  This article was featured in the latest "Travel Play Live" magazine.     This year I hit the big 30. I had really been looking forward to this milestone in my life. On the day I turned thirty, I stood atop the final summit of my ‘30 peaks in the year before I turn 30’ challenge. Whilst it had come down to the...
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