• Diet Patterns Of An Athlete: Part 2

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    This is Part Two of my article series -Diet Patterns of an Injured Athlete. What a can of worms I have opened for as you will soon find out, there will be a Part Three!In Part One, I wrote about my battles with inflammation and Achilles Tendonitis, describing how I had tried just about every form of treatment for my stubborn injury. After 9...
  • The Pitfalls Of Summer Training

    There is so much information out there on how to come back from injury. We have all heard it. Build 5% each week, start with slower training and gradually introduce the faster stuff. However, there are so many other times of transition in our lives and as summer approaches, I believe this is a time for caution. For haven’t we all at some stage...
  • The Overtraining Syndrome Paradox

    We are lead to believe that overtraining is a ‘syndrome’ reserved for the elite or the silly. After all, elite athletes can easily complete hours of solid training. And the silly? They just do a lot. However, in this article I wish to highlight an important paradox about overtraining.
  • Get injured. It enhances your business skills.

    Get injured. It enhances your business skills.

    Lying face down on a treatment table with pins sticking precariously out of my feet I had a ‘Light’s on!’ moment. I am not sure if it was the removal of my Chi blockage or something less profound? But I had this sudden realisation that my Achilles injury has helped to foster our Find Your Feet business venture in Hobart.
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