Introducing Dynafit & Review

Having a team of trail runners means they are always excited to try test out new products and the Launceston team jumped on the new range of Dynafit trail runners. Dynafit is a newer brand in the trail running scene. Their background is in mountaineering gear and with that they have crafted trail runners that are rough, tough, grippy, and responsive to redefine what a mountain trail shoe can do. 
John picked up a pair of the Ultra 100's, which feature comfort, cushion, and protection. Here is what he had to say about them:
I have now done  a few runs of up to 2.5hrs. Straight out of the box they are comfortable and I can definitely see me wearing them for long, long periods of time with no issues. They would be the perfect shoe for Gone Nuts 101, Surfcoast Century or Ultra Trail Australia. I have tested them on most surfaces, in dry and wet conditions.
  • Comfortable without loosing return later in the run
  • Great stability even with a higher stack height
  • Covered lacing stops snagging
  • Good general grip in dry and wet
Points to Note:
  • Poor grip on overly wet rock or in clay, tends to fill lugs.
  • Low front edge of the toe box
  • Covered laces meant a little hard to tighten lower laces on forefoot
Overall a good long distance shoe for comfort and stability.
Amy tested out the Dynafit Alpine trail shoes, which features a super lightweight and responsive options for technical terrain. Here's what she thought about them. 
  • They have a soft yet firm heel cup. Initially it feels a a little slippy but when running is very secure.
  • Excellent wet and dry rock grip 
  • Stable on technical ground
  • Drained and dried well
  • Felt springy, great energy return
Points to Note:
  • Sized small, I needed a full US size bigger than my usual
  • Colour: Women's toe area is white, making them look dirty after my first run
  • Feet became sore after 4hrs of running
Overall I really like these shoes, I'll use the Dynafit Alpine trail shoes for short (up to 3hrs), missions, short ultra distance races, and faster training days.

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